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Vinland Elementary School Modernization,

     $800,000, Fresno Unified School Dist.,
 Vinland Elementary School Master Plan,
    $1,200,000, Fresno Unified School Dist.,

 Carver Elementary Shower/Locker Rooms, 2,500 sq. ft.
    $250,000, Fresno Unified School Dist.,

     Handicapped Upgrade

 Fresno Pacific College Administration Center,
   30,000 s.f., Fresno, CA;

Educational & Training Alcoholism Program,

     Program and Training, Tule Indian Reservation
    $800,000, Porterville, CA,

Shower and Locker Building, Carver
    3,000 s.f., Fresno Unified School Dist.,

Duncan Daycare Center
    5,000 s.f., Fresno Unified School Dist.,

*30,000 Seat Bulldog Stadium,
    Calif. State University Fresno, Fresno, CA;

*Bullard High School Gym & Theatre Expansion,
    Fresno Unified School Dist.,

 I   Theatre & Interpretive Center, Minnesota State University,
    Ely, MN,

 I  7th & 8th Grade Middle School, Bemidjii, Minnesota
    Program and Preliminary Design, $18,000,000;.​

  Hand-In-Hand Day Care Center, Fresno, CA.

     7,800 s.f., $785,000


Multipurpose Center, North Fresno Christian Church,
   Sanctuary, Gym, Classrooms
   23,000 s.f., Fresno, CA;

Multipurpose Center, Bethany Mennonite Church, Fresno, CA;
   Sanctuary, Gym, Classrooms
   30,000 s.f.,

Multipurpose Center/ Classrooms, Evangelical Free
   Church, 20,000 s.f., Fresno, CA; Sanctuary & Multipurpose Center,

Memorial Baptist
   Church 42,000 s.f., Fresno, CA;

60 Seat Sanctuary Expansion, Pentecostal Church
    7th & I Street, Modesto, CA


New Branch Bank Security National
   Oakhurst, CA 5,500 s.f.

▼ New Branch Banks for First Interstate,
    McHenry/Sylvan, Modesto, CA; 5,600 s.f.,
    Mooney Boulevard., Visalia, CA; 5,600 s.f.

UFCW Credit Union, Ashlan/Millbrook, Fresno, CA;
    30,000 s.f.

Bank of America, Howard Road, Madera, CA;
    5,500 s.f.,

Bank of America Remodel, Ashlan/Cedar, Fresno, CA;
   5,500 s.f.,

 I  New Bank of America Branch, Pollasky, Clovis, CA;
   14,000 s.f.,



McDonald’s Restaurants
   35 Stores Average Annually since 1984 including New, Remodel 

    Relocations, Scrape and Rebuilds, and Accessibility Compliance;

    CA & NV,

Burger King 

    Central California New Builds

 Popeyes Chicken

    Central California New Builds

 Taco Bell 

    Central California New Builds

Panda Restaurants
   +60 stores. New & Remodel, CA, NV, WA, OR, ID, MT

 Starbucks 28 Stores; CA
 Community Centers and Churches (6), CA; B

Bab’s Delta Diner, Suisun,  CA,
Blackstone Bowl, Fresno, CA;
McDonald’s 30th Anniversary Store, Fresno, CA;
Belmont Country Club, Fresno, CA;
Palm Lakes Golf Clubhouse, Fresno, CA;
Kenny Rogers Roasters, Los Angeles, CA;



City of Reedley
   Concession, Restroom Facility, and Field Lighting
   Camacho and Mueller Parks, Reedley, CA

Washington High School, Easton
    Concessions and Toilet Facilities integrated with New

 Baseball and Softball Field, Easton, CA,
Memorial Baptist Church
   Gymnasium, Bathrooms and Softball Field, Fresno, CA,

1990 North Fresno Christian Church
    Gymnasium, Bathrooms and Softball Field, Fresno, CA

Belmont Country Club, Fresno, CA;
Palm Lakes Golf Clubhouse, Fresno, CA;
Concourse Bowl, Fresno, CA;
Running Horse Golf Course/Residential Development, Fresno, CA
George Brown Fitness Center, Fresno, CA
    28,000 s.f., $4,500,000


Rite Aid Stores, California
    50-80 Stores/Bakersfield – Stockton;

​▼ SaveMart Stores, Merced and Tehachapi, CA; 34,000 s.f.
 ​​​SaveMart Stores, Hayward, Tracy, Turlock, Stockton, Visalia,
    Bakersfield, Vacaville, Lemoore, Clovis, Madera, Pelendale,

    San Jose, 

 Fairfield, Sonora, Fresno, CA; (2)

    47,500 s.f.- 55,000 s.f., San Jose, Bakersfield, CA
 ​​Food-Max Stores, Fresno, Clovis, CA; 55,000 s.f.
▼ ​​​Chestnut Marketplace, Fresno, CA;
    45,000 s.f.

▼ Rodeo Plaza Remodeling, Clovis, CA;

    100,000 s.f.
▼ Manchester Mall North’ Remodeling, Fresno, CA;
▼ Fresno/Alluvial Shopping Center, Fresno, CA;
    34,000 s.f.;

▼ The Wine Press Shopping Center, Fresno, CA;
    60,000 s.f.;

▼ Elmira Center, Vacaville, CA; 17,000 s.f.;
▼ Reedley Shopping Center Remodel, Reedley, CA
▼ Sierra Village and Blackstone Bowl, Fresno, CA
    86,000 s.f.;
▼ Northgate Plaza, Church and Academy, Sanger, CA
 Northgate Plaza Expansion, Sanger, CA
 Howard Road Center Remodel, Madera, CA
▼ Cedar-Dakota Center, Fresno, CA
▼ Columa Village, Sacramento, CA
▼ Westlake Center, Marks and Ashlan, N.E. Fresno, CA
▼ Clovis Pavilion, Proposed for Clovis, CA
▼ West/Shaw Remodel, Fresno, CA
▼ Fresno/Shaw Remodel, Fresno, CA
▼ Target Stores, Fresno & Clovis, CA; Consulting Architect only
▼ Fairfield Bowl Remodel, Fairfield, CA
▼ Willow & Ashlan Shopping Center, Fresno, CA; 23,000 s.f.
▼ Zarcone Salon, Clovis, CA; 2,324 s.f., $180,000




Grundfos Pumps, Allentown; PA;
    25,000 s.f.

Grundfos Pumps, Phase I/II/III, Fresno, CA
    240,000 s.f.,

Valley Decorating Co., Shaw-Gates Park, Fresno, CA
    115,000 s.f., 1981

Motion Designs, 147,000 s.f. 3 phase, Fresno, CA;
    Murach Publishing, Fresno, CA; 16,000 s.f., 3 phases,

Shaw II, Fresno, CA; 24,000 s.f.,
Shaw V, Fresno, CA; 50,000 s.f.,
Heieck Supply, Fresno, CA; 25,000 s.f.,



McDonald’s/Chevron Station
    Rio Vista, CA

Remodel and Mini Mart Shell Oil Company

     Northwest Corner Shaw/West, Fresno,
 I  Itasca Oil Company, Grand Rapids, MN
    New Tanks, Pumps, Station Remodel and Restaurant Expansion

  St. Louis County Garage, Repair and Maintenance

     37,000 s.f. 1974/75, Virginia, MN
CHP Headquarters, Shaw/Gates Industrial Park, Fresno, CA,
    1984/1985; Gas Pumps and Tanks

▼ AM/PM Convenience & Fueling Station Riverside County

Red Carpet Car Wash with fuel Pumps islands;

     Individual Experience of Len Osborne, AIA



Naraghi Lakes, 12 Acre, Mixed Use Devel., 180,000 s.f.;
   4 story 72,000 s.f. Phase I, Modesto, CA;

Netafim Office Interiors, 10,000 s.f., Fresno, CA;
Sherwood Executive Center, 76,500 s.f., 2-story,
   Stockton, CA;

Nationwide Insurance Company, 160,000 s.f.,
   Visalia, CA;

Fresno Pacific College Administrative Center, Fresno, CA
   30,000 s.f.,

UFCW Credit Union and Office Space, 30,000 s.f.,
   Fresno, CA:

Modesto, CA; California Highway Patrol, Fresno, CA; 14,000 s.f.,
Headquarters for Mike Murach, Shaw-Gates Park, Fresno, CA;
Shaw One, Five-story, through permit, Fresno, CA;

Millbrook-Herndon Offices, Four-story, Fresno, CA
Shaw Place Offices, Fresno, CA
Sierra-On-Line, Oakhurst, CA
Red Cliff Health Clinic and Tribal Offices, Bayfield, WI
   15,000 s.f.

Headquarters for SaveMart Stores, 33,000 s.f., 2-story,
Vigen Incorporated has provided over 350,000 s.f. of Office Tenant



Veterans Administration, Fresno, CA
     Outpatient Care/Remodeling
     15,000 s.f.,

Veterans Administration, Eugene, OR
    Outpatient Care, Design-Build Submission
    18,000 s.f., Kaiser Permanente

North First Street, Fresno CA
    33,000 s.f. 4 Story Medical/Administrative


Millbrook & Teague Professional Center, Fresno, CA
    35,000 s.f. Medical/Professional Building

Merced Surgical Center, Merced, CA
    $1,300,000 (est.);
   11,400 s.f. Surgical Center

Olivewood I/Site II Professional Building, Merced, CA
    $1,300,000;32,000 s.f. Medical/Professional Building

Sandalwood Development Professional/Medical Bldg.
    Fresno, CA
    $1,300,000 (est.);
    35,500 s.f., 1 and 2 Story Building

Ashbrook Medical/Professional Office Complex
    Fresno, CA
    $1,300,000 (est.);
    27,000 s.f.; Shell Buildings

Red Cliff Health Center and Tribal Offices
    Red Cliff Indian Reservation
    Bayfield, WI

Vigen Incorporated has provided over 250,000 s.f. 

    in Medical and Professional Interiors and Space Planning


Intercity Rail Station (AMTRAK), Fresno, CA;
Pan American Community Center
    12,250 s.f., Madera, CA

Tule Indian Reservation, Alcohol Treatment Center & Offices,
    Porterville, CA; EDD Remodel, 25,000 s.f., Fresno, CA;

Clinter Station Post Office, 27,000 s.f., Fresno, CA;
IRS Center, 10,000 s.f., Tulare, CA;
Woodward Park Post Office, 2,800 s.f., Fresno, CA; Jockey Center

Paddock, Fresno Fair Grounds, Fresno, CA

 I  Greyhound Bus Center, Warren, MN
 I  Theatre & Interpretive Center, Minnesota State University,
     Ely, MN;

I  Fosston Minnesota Center, Minnesota

 I  Warren Municipal Library, 6,000 s.f., $625,000,Warren, MN
County of Fresno, Remodel District Attorney and Family Support
    16,000 s.f., $1,400,000 Fresno, CA;


Alcohol Treatment and Residence Program
    Tule Indian Reservation, Porterville, CA
    6,500 s.f., $700,

Tule Indian Education Center
    Tule Indian Reservation, Porterville, CA
    10,000 s.f., $825,000,

Tribal Offices and Health/Abuse Clinic
    Red Cliff Chippewa Indian Reservation, Bayfield, WI,
    15,000 s.f. $875,000,

80 Unit Housing, 10 Unit Seniors and Community Center
    Red Cliff Chippewa Indian Reservation, Bayfield, WI,
    $2.75 Million;

 Northfork Indian Housing, Northfork, CA
    12 Units, Two Level, Built on Grade


Grundfos Pumps, Allentown, PA
    24,000 s.f., Grundfos Pumps, Fresno, CA; 245,000 s.f., 4 Phases,

Valley Decorating Company, Shaw-Gates Park, Fresno, CA
    115,000 s.f., 1

Motion Designs, Fresno, CA; 3 Phases,
    147,000 s.f.,

Belmont Country Club, Fresno, CA;
Rodeo Plaza Remodeling, Clovis, CA;
Manchester Mall ‘North’ Remodeling, Fresno, CA;

Fresno Pacific College Administrative Center, Fresno, CA
    30,000 s.f.,

Headquarters for Mike Murach, Shaw-Gates Park,
Shaw One, Five-Story, through permit, Fresno, CA;

Shaw II, Fresno, CA; 24,000 s.f.
Heieck Supply, Fresno, CA; 25,000 s.f.,


Vigen Residence, 745 Ashlan,  Fresno, CA
    $250,000; Award of Merit- San Joaquin Chapter AIA

Dutra Residence, Orinda, CA;
Humphrey Place Housing, City of Suisun, CA
    $2,500,000; 28 Units,

Park Place, Active Seniors, Kingsburg, CA
    $3,000,000; 32 Units,

Palisades Apartments, Clovis, CA; $

    675,000 114 Units,
Bridgeview Apartments, Madera, CA; $700,000
    $1,000,000; 128 Units,

Willow Court Retirement Complex, Fresno, CA, $256,000
    $950,000; 64 Units,

Westmark Apartments, Fresno, CA; $680,000
    $1,400,000; 124 Units,

Gates Apartments and P.U.D., Fresno, CA; $220,000
    $9,500,000; 64 Units,

Gettysburg Place Apartments, Clovis, CA; $300,000
    $1,100,000; 74 Units,

Coventry Senior Citizens Housing, Clovis, CA
    $9,500,000; 24 Single Family Residence;

Scandia Unit Planned Unit Development, Fresno, CA
    8 Condominiums;

Plantations, Pensacola, FL
    $1,500,000; 74 Units;

Northfork Indian Housing; Northfork, CA
    12 Units

Cascades, Chowchilla, CA
    $20,000,000; 6 Prototype Residences;

The Villages, Chowchilla, CA
    $12,000,000; 117 Units;

YWCA Women’s Residence Hall, Fresno, CA
    Remodel and Rehabilitation

Yosemite Manor, Madera, CA
    76 Unit Elderly Housing

Avalon Senior Retirement Village, Fresno, CA
    $3,500,000; 65 Units; $3,500,000

Thorne Avenue Apartments, Fresno, CA
    $450,000; 16 Two and Three Bedroom Units, Fresno, CA

Planned Community Single Apts., Lemoore, CA
    $8,500,000; 72 residences; 88 2 Story Apts.

Van Ness Place, Fresno, CA
    14 Unit Two Story Homes in Gated Community

Baldwin Residence, Fresno, CA
    Rammed Earth Single Family Residence

Three Custom Homes/Woodward Park, Fresno, CA
    $150,000 each


Iron Range Interpretive Center
    Interiors and Graphics; 30,000 s.f.;
    Chisolm, MN

I  Greyhound Bus Center, Warren, MN
 I Theatre & Interpretive Center, Minnesota State University,
     Ely, MN;

 I  Fosston Minnesota Center, Minnesota
 I  Warren Municipal Library
    6,000 s.f., $625,000;


Fiat Dealership Showroom and Exterior Remodel
    7,200 Sq. Ft., $400,000;

Red Carpet and Ride and Shine Car Washes
    Central Valley

Ride and Shine Car Wash Fresno & Clovis

​▼ Experience of Vigen Incorporated

 I  Individual experience of Gary Timan Vigen with other 


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